The Cabin Edge: Innovative Treatment for Young Men with Addiction and Behavioural Concerns

Young men in Australia are immersed in a party culture where drugs and alcohol are widely accessible. Sadly, many young people rapidly escalate from experimenting with drugs and alcohol to addiction. If your son is struggling with substance abuse or behavioural concerns, The Cabin Edge can help.

Specifically designed for young men, our programme is the most revolutionary and effective treatment option available. The Cabin Edge provides a turning point in young men’s lives and a chance to steer themselves away from self-destructive patterns and towards a healthy and bright future.


Our holistic method combines psychological, physical and social components including:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions with accredited addiction specialists
  • Rigorous physical exercise in either Muay Thai boxing or triathlon training
  • Wilderness excursions to develop leadership, communication and teamwork
  • Building a sense of social responsibility through community service

The Risks of Addiction for Young Men in Australia

Young people are at an especially high risk of developing an addiction. Recent reports in Australia show that an increasing number of young adults are developing addictions to methamphetamine (ice), gambling and alcohol.  While the symptoms of addiction vary depending on the vice, it often manifests in young adults as feelings of purposelessness, agitation, anger, dissatisfaction and extreme boredom.

Addiction is a progressive disorder—it gets worse over time. However, the good news is that young people are at a prime point in their life to make a change. Young adults whose addictive behaviour is caught in the early stages are able to reverse the effects before they reach critical stage. Early intervention is the key to living a healthy life that allows young men to reach their full potential.

Our programme especially benefits young men who:

  • Abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Lack direction in life or a failure to launch
  • Have a poor academic performance
  • Struggle with ADD/ ADHD or depression
  • Do not respect authority or have had issues with law enforcement
  • Have unsuccessful attempts at other rehabs

Recovery Zones: Our Innovative Treatment Method 

The Cabin’s Recovery Zones treatment method is world-renowned. Our integrative approach draws on the key elements of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the 12 Steps and mindfulness. Through counselling sessions with our accredited specialists, participants are able to discover new perspectives and create new patterns in order to break the cycle of addiction and self-destructive behaviour.

Our stunning location in the jungle-lined outskirts of Chiang Mai provides the optimal space for participants to be surrounded by nature and Thai culture while distancing themselves from their triggers and negative influences.

In addition, participants can choose between Muay Thai boxing or triathlon training, and take part in memorable wilderness excursions. These elements of treatment teach participants about discipline while providing psychological benefits that result from meeting and overcoming challenges as part of a team. Participants bond with others who have similar struggles and create enduring, supportive friendships in recovery.

Treatment Outcome at The Cabin Edge 

The young men who participate in The Cabin Edge programme get the healing and empowerment they require to create a lasting change in their lives. Graduates of The Cabin Edge gain:

  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced mood
  • Respect for others
  • Physical fitness, endurance and coordination
  • Enriched social skills
  • Ability to control impulsive behaviour
  • Purpose and direction
  • Increased empathy
  • Anger management skills

Group of cyclist riding on a countryroad

Young men enter the programme with a lack of direction, being dragged down by addiction and graduate from the programme able to fully embrace their best selves.

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