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At The Edge and within The Cabin Group, we are committed to ensuring that your patient receives the highest quality of care. Our own team is led by one of Thailand’s most prominent Consultant psychiatrists Dr. Paritat Silpakit. Our 24-hour medical team is fully dedicated to the patient’s treatment and recovery, and The Edge’s resident psychologists assist in the referral and assessment process.

Our holistic treatment approach was developed by program director Lee Hawker-Lecesne, an innovator in the design and implementation of trauma-informed addiction treatment in young people, particularly through the use of mixed modality programs that incorporate outward bounds and adventure sports. His work was a key influence in forging the current direction of drug treatment policy in the UK, where he began his career more than 20 years ago.

The Edge’s senior clinicians have been trained in multiple disciplines within counselling and psychotherapy, from EMDR to Gestaltism to psychodynamic therapy. They are also specialists in treating substance abuse, food disorders, sex and gambling addiction, and steroid abuse.

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Where Are We Located?

Surrounded by jungle on the outskirts of northern Thailand’s cultural capital, Chiang Mai, our inpatient centre provides distance from the triggers of patients’ everyday lives.

Our luxury, resort-like facilities and attentive staff ensure that our clients have a restorative and stimulating space in which they can focus completely on their own recovery.

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

At The Edge, we take safeguarding very seriously. Safety is a watchword and we are renowned for our robust safeguarding and screening protocols.

We believe that when clients feel safe in their treatment environment there is a greater propensity for them to change. For this reason, we never accept any more than eight clients at a time onto The Edge programme. We do this in order to maintain effective safeguarding protocols and to optimize group cohesiveness. Counselling caseloads at The Edge are always set at a 4:1 ratio without exception. This type of exercise also helps to process energy that, when left undirected, can lead to restlessness, irritability, anxiety, and frustration.

At our state-of-the-art fitness facilities, you can pursue:

  • Small group counselling
  • One-on-one counselling
  • EMDR
  • CBT
  • Nutrition consultations
  • 12-Step Model
  • Sports training: swimming, cycling, running, rock climbing, horseback riding, etc.
  • Bi-monthly supervised offsite weekend expeditions
  • Meditation, for the development of greater mindfulness
  • Immediate eligibility to The Cabins Base Camp Recovery House

Every patient at The Edge is assigned a primary therapist who also works with their family and referring professional. All families are encouraged to take part in The Cabin’s free 8-week online family programme that runs concurrently with the patient’s treatment cycle. Our dedicated partnerships team assists with accurate and timely reporting to all referring healthcare professionals.


Please call ahead and speak with an admissions coordinator to determine if The Edge can accommodate your patient’s specific situation.

Once your patient is admitted you will be able to work with us closely to monitor their progress. All patients admitted to The Edge must undergo a routine assessment process designed to help us provide them with the most appropriate care.

This includes identifying issues in advance such as cooccurring disorders and pre-existing medical conditions. The assessment can be carried out remotely, at an Intensive Outpatient Programme, or in partnership with another medical professional.

The Edge is proud to offer a variety of follow-up treatment options for patients who complete our programme. This includes six months’ enrolment in an online video aftercare course, managed by one of The Cabins intensive outpatient therapists, as well as structured living arrangements at The Cabins Base Camp Recovery House, to help ease the transition to returning home.

Other participants have gone on to become members of our athletic teaching team, using what they learned to help other young men in trouble. In referring your patient to us, rest assured that we are committed to taking every precaution necessary so that he receives the highest level of care as he begins this stage in his path toward recovery.

In referring your patient to us, rest assured that we are committed to taking every precaution necessary so that he receives the highest level of care as he begins this stage in his path toward recovery.



    For more information please contact our Relationship Manager Call us on +66 20 385 469 or simply fill in the short form and we will be in touch.