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The Edge Rehab alerta sobre el peligro del crecimiento de juego online en el público joven

La ludopatía en el entorno digital comienza a considerarse como una droga potencialmente peligrosa del siglo XXI entre los especialistas en adicciones

Can this man cure gaming addiction?

Cam Adair’s own habit nearly led him to take his own life – now he is helping thousands of other young men quit

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End game: The rise of esport empires in Thailand and their armies of addicts

The competitive aspect of video gaming, known as esports, has surged in popularity. While it offers lucrative opportunities for some, there is a dark side to this leisure pursuit: Addiction./p>


E-Safety: Policy context

Results of a survey of 2,000 young people released on Safer Internet Day found two-thirds of eight to 17-year-olds would feel “disconnected” from the world if they couldn’t be online. The finding highlight the integral part played by the internet in children and young people’s lives today.

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Life at the ‘Edge'

A new programme offered by a Chiang Mai rehabilitation centre helps young gaming addicts adapt to a healthier digital lifestyle

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The terrifying truth about gaming addiction and what it's doing to UK children

The Mirror investigates the impact of the computer gaming industry as children as young as 11 are taken into care over fears they are addicted

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Gaming addiction: Holistic rehab for young men

The Edge is an addiction ­programme for young men, aged 18 to 26, that not only tries to achieve recovery from a substance or process (like gambling and ­gaming) addiction, but also attempts to instil in addicts a new perspective and zest for life.

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Gaming addiction: Winning your life back

A young Canadian found that his gaming addiction led him to the point of contemplating suicide, so he quit gaming and now shares his story around the world.

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Gaming addiction a rising concern

PETALING JAYA: The spike in popularity of eSports – almost like a “gold rush” some say – may lead to a prevalence in addiction-related problems in the country.

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BBC Radio 5 Live

A revealing discussion about the impacts and issues around gaming addiction from the perspectives of people involved – a mother, a gamer, gamer-turned gaming addiction expert Cam Adair, youth clinical addiction expert John Logan of The Edge and a headmaster.

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Inside the Rehab Swapping Drug Addiction for Extreme Exercise

If you believe that you’ll always be an addict, is your best option to swap one dependancy for another?

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Parents 'at their wits' end' trying to stop sons' gaming

For parents enduring daily fights with their sons about video games, the chilling video of Western Sydney man Luke Munday allegedly hitting his partner as she begged him to stop playing Fortnite was a manifestation of their worst fears this week.

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Is video game addiction real? Former players, statistics say yes

The World Health Organization has officially designated video game addiction as a disorder, and one former addict warns we can no longer ‘just see them as fun, innocent games that people play for entertainment.’

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Sydney man dismisses alleged livestream assault of partner as 'one-off thing'

A western Sydney man who inadvertently livestreamed himself allegedly assaulting his pregnant partner during a game of Fortnite has dismissed it as a “one-off thing”, as Telstra confirmed it had suspended him from his role as an engineer.

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The Today Show - Nov 2018

Australia’s # 1 breakfast show featuring an interview with The Edge’s Gaming Addiction Programme partner, Cam Adair of GameQuitters, about gaming addiction.

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Gaming addiction: Does treatment work?

From online communities to boot camps, people are seeking help for problem gaming — but what do we know about the best way to treat it?

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'I was having panic attacks': online gaming addiction is real

Like most teenage boys, Cam Adair played computer games. He would play the games – Starcraft: Brood War, World of Warcraft –with his cousin, or to unwind after school or hockey practice.

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Thailand's Battle to Save its Kids From Online Gaming Addiction

Thailand is in the throes of a gaming addiction epidemic, with Thais spending more time online than people in any other nation in Asia. Scores of children and adolescents have been treated for addiction in recent months, their parents spending serious baht on rehab and hospital fees. The country has experienced an explosion in internet usage, and it now faces the serious challenge of unplugging its youth.

Children & Young People Now

Tackling addiction, Thailand

How a rehabilitation centre in Thailand uses the ancient art of Thai boxing to help young people recover from addiction problems.

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The long road to recovery

Chiang Mai rehabilitation centre offers clients an edge in overcoming addictions

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Gaming addicted Sydney teen secretly earned money online to fund habit

When a Sydney mum discovered her youngest son had been secretively earning money online she knew the hours spent in his bedroom had shifted from fun hobby to something more serious.

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Reborn in rehab

A downward spiral of booze and drugs pushed Travis Young to breaking point.
Here’s how he turned his life around.

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Addicted Young Men Escape for Intensive Holistic and Physical Activity Rehab

The rugged foothills of Chiang Mai’s commanding mountain ranges are the perfect setting for The Edge, a treatment centre for young men aged 16–30 suffering from addiction and behavioural issues. The ambience within this progressive clinic mirrors the vibrant spirit of Chiang Mai with its quirky hill tribes and laid-back vibe.

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Holistic Recovery for Young Men: Interview With Alastair Mordey

The Cabin Addiction Services Group is a globally recognised addiction treatment provider with a collection of inpatient and outpatient treatment centres around the world; it now has nine facilities in five different countries. The Cabin group’s clinical method ‘Recovery Zones’ is practised across all centres and was authored by certified and accredited Addiction Counsellor Alastair Mordey who has over 15 years of experience; this model has a highly successful 96 per cent completion rate. Treatment at the centres is administered by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced, licensed addiction specialists.

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Should Netflix come with a warning label?

That was a theory posited at a recent panel debate on the growing trend of hammering through ‘box-set‘ TV series in marathon viewing sessions, and it immediately set off an alarm in my mind.

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Stressed about your exam results?

Whether you’re waiting for your A-level or GCSE results– these next couple of weeks are pretty hard going for many teens – insomnia, loss of appetite and feeling high levels of anxiety are a reality for many young people. But, what can you do about it?

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More Online Addicts Seek Overseas Boot Camps to Kick Habit

SINGAPORE — It took a US$48,000 (about S$67,000) overseas detox pro-gramme for 23-year-old Bernard Lim (not his real name) to kick his gaming addiction.

The Today Show

The Today Show - 28 Nov 2016

The Today Show – Australia’s # 1 breakfast show features The Cabin Chiang Mai and The Edge as the preferred addiction treatment provider of high profile Australians. Filming was strictly regulated in accordance with The Cabin’s confidentiality policy.

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علاج شامل لانتزاع مدمنين من أنفاقهم المعتمة

أصبح مصطلح الإدمان يتردد كثيراً في المجتمعات عربية كانت أو أجنبية، وهو مشكلة تتفاقم يوماً بعد يوم. وهذا المصطلح ليس محصوراً بمادة معينة، فهناك أشكال كثيرة للإدمان.


Inside the Thai rehabilitation centre where Mitchell Pearce addressed his alcohol issues, more Aussies head to the retreat

The fortnightly hike was part of their therapy — the alternate week involved the same treacherous backdrop but with the dangerous addition of a mountain bike. The 15 men were part of The Edge, an offshoot that caters to those typically between the ages of 18 and 28, but whose counsellors look more at personality than date of birth when considering admission. Where traditional rehabilitation tends to focus heavily on psychotherapy, The Edge adds wilderness therapy, sports training and social responsibility awareness on top of its counselling sessions.

The article first appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, and was also published in the Sunday Mail.

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