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More Online Addicts Seek Overseas Boot Camps to Kick Habit

SINGAPORE — It took a US$48,000 (about S$67,000) overseas detox pro-gramme for 23-year-old Bernard Lim (not his real name) to kick his gaming addiction.


The Today Show - 28 Nov 2016

The Today Show – Australia’s # 1 breakfast show features The Cabin Chiang Mai and The Edge as the preferred addiction treatment provider of high profile Australians. Filming was strictly regulated in accordance with The Cabin’s confidentiality policy.


علاج شامل لانتزاع مدمنين من أنفاقهم المعتمة

أصبح مصطلح الإدمان يتردد كثيراً في المجتمعات عربية كانت أو أجنبية، وهو مشكلة تتفاقم يوماً بعد يوم. وهذا المصطلح ليس محصوراً بمادة معينة، فهناك أشكال كثيرة للإدمان.


Inside the Thai rehabilitation centre where Mitchell Pearce addressed his alcohol issues, more Aussies head to the retreat

The fortnightly hike was part of their therapy — the alternate week involved the same treacherous backdrop but with the dangerous addition of a mountain bike. The 15 men were part of The Edge, an offshoot that caters to those typically between the ages of 18 and 28, but whose counsellors look more at personality than date of birth when considering admission. Where traditional rehabilitation tends to focus heavily on psychotherapy, The Edge adds wilderness therapy, sports training and social responsibility awareness on top of its counselling sessions.

The article first appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, and was also published in the Sunday Mail.

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