Effective Gambling Addiction Treatment for
Young Men

Effective Gambling Addiction Treatment for Young Men

Gambling addiction is more widespread than you may think – it affects about 6 million adults and half a million teens in the US alone.  Britons spend approximately 7 billion pounds per year on gambling, and Australia ranks as the most gambling-addicted country in the world, followed closely by Singapore.

Gambling is an addiction that affects the whole family – it can ruin your career, finances and relationships.  Unfortunately, many gambling addicts do not get the help they need.  But here at The Edge, our addiction experts specialise in treating gambling addiction.

How Gambling Addiction Works

Process addictions like gambling do not involve a substance, which leads some people to dismiss this form of addiction as less of an issue than it really is. However, process addictions in fact work on the brain in a similar manner to substance addictions.

Every addiction works by stimulating the reward centre of the brain. Each time a gambler places a bet, a flood of dopamine is released in their brain, which gives them a ‘high’. When this is repeated over time, a pattern is established and the brain comes to believe it needs this behaviour.  This is why gambling addicts cannot stop gambling despite its negative consequences in their lives.

Young men are especially vulnerable to developing addictions, as their prefrontal cortex – the area of the brain responsible for impulse control – is still developing at this time.  It is important to catch addictive behaviour early on, before these patterns become engrained and develop into a full-blown addiction.

How The Edge Treats Gambling Addiction

The Edge uses our own, multidisciplinary treatment approach called Recovery Zones.  We implement techniques from a variety of methods including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness meditation and the 12 Steps.  These methods combined create a well-rounded, highly effective programme that boasts an above-average 96% completion rate.

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Addiction is a family disease, and we understand that including family in treatment greatly increases the chances of our clients’ success.  We offer a complimentary 3-day family programme that helps loved ones understand addiction and participate in counselling.  We also offer a unique online video aftercare programme that allows Edge graduates to keep in touch with their recovery peers, continue counselling and receive ongoing support.

Thailand: The Ideal Location to Begin a Recovery Journey

Our state-of-the-art residential treatment facility is located in the lush mountains of northern Thailand.  This eco-activity hub provides the perfect setting for our activity-rich programming, which includes wilderness excursions, triathlon training and the traditional Thai martial art, Muay Thai boxing.

Inpatient rehab is considered the gold standard of addiction treatment – it is ideal to begin recovery in a serene and supportive environment, away from the triggers and negative influences that lend themselves to addiction.  Participants can immerse themselves in Thailand’s pleasant subtropical weather and culture-rich atmosphere while receiving the best quality of care from our team of qualified professionals.

The Edge Team

Our highly qualified and experienced team consists of counsellors, trainers and support staff who are passionate about addiction facing youth and dedicated to serving each client’s individual needs.  Our counsellors hold Western accreditations and have many years of combined experience treating a range of addictions and co-occurring disorders.  Our closely knit team at The Edge works collaboratively to ensure each client receives well-rounded, individualised treatment.

World-Renowned Quality You Can Trust                           

The Edge is part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, a leading provider of premium addiction treatment services with residential and outpatient rehabs and affiliated services around the world. Headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Cabin Group is widely recognised as being at the forefront of addiction treatment, by both the international behavioural health community and the media.

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