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The Edge Team

At The Edge’s rehab treatment centre, we have assembled a small, collaborative support team comprised of individuals from a variety of backgrounds to holistically and specifically address the needs of our young clientele.

Our Western-trained and licensed professional counselling specialists work in conjunction with physical trainers and mentors to motivate young men to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Our team has extensive experience in treating addictions as well as a range of behavioural addictions.

John Logan

Timothy Panagos

The Edge Programme Director

Timothy Panagos is the Programme Director for our Young Adult Men’s Programme and
our three-day Family Intensive Programme. Tim joined The Cabin in 2015 as a Therapist,
while also tasked with setting up our online counselling services. He then went on to be
promoted as the Director of our continuing care programme and Recovery House where he
guided our clients through their transition to independent living. Tim was trained in the U.K.
with the N.H.S. Trust (British National Health Service) as a Counsellor for occupational
health, depression, bereavement, anxiety, stress and drug/alcohol abuse. He is a member of
the B.A.C.P. (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). Tim has extensive
experience in mental health and substance abuse treatment and has worked in primary
care addiction centres in the UK and Greece.

As the adult child of a recovering addict, Tim has first hand experience with the family
dynamics when dealing with a loved one with an addiction and has developed a passion and
expertise in assisting individuals and families along their recovery journey. As the
Programme Director of The Edge he guides young men as they move away from self-
destructive patterns and towards a healthy and rewarding future.

Avon Lyda (Tony)

The Edge Primary Therapist | BA Psychology

Tony Vardi is an Addiction Therapist at The Cabin. He joined The Cabin in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand
in 2019. He has a particular interest in the neuroscience of addiction.

Originally from Australia, Tony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (Psychology), Postgraduate
Diploma in Psychology and Diploma of Community Service, Alcohol and Other Drugs. He was initially
drawn to helping people with addiction because his father suffers from addiction to alcohol. He is
experienced at counselling those with substance and behavioural addictions and any underlying mental
health issues.

Tony has enjoyed a varied career which informs his addiction therapy. Prior to gaining a year’s
rehabilitation experience in Chiang Rai, he worked for eight years as a Community Health Addiction
Counsellor in Australia. Other roles have included Security Officer at a Melbourne casino while studying
for his degree and Firefighter in Washington DC during time spent in America.

Hossameldin Elzobidy (Sam)
Steve Jenkins

William Whitsett

The Edge Primary Therapist and Continuing Care Counsellor | and Family Therapist at The Cabin | MSc Criminal Justice | BA Criminal Justice

William Whitsett is a Continuing Care Counsellor and Family Therapist on The Edge young men’s
programme at The Cabin. He joined The Cabin in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand in 2019. His role
involves working with the families alongside the clients as they go through the treatment process and
ensuring that they are supported once they leave The Cabin.

As a recovering addict, William’s has first-hand experience of addiction. He was drawn to working with
young men with addiction, mental health and trauma issues having been an at-risk youth himself. He
fully understands the challenges and temptations faced by young men after primary treatment. This is
reflected in the counselling and therapy he offers clients and their families to prevent relapse.

Originally from the US, William holds an MSc in Criminal Justice from Radford University and a BA in
Criminal Justice also from Radford University.

William has enjoyed a varied career which informs his counselling work. He has worked in law
enforcement – as police chief in Virginia and Georgia – spent time in the US military and had roles as
state magistrate, social services director and mental health commissioner.

Kon Papadopulos

Support Team Leader

Kon holds a certificate level three in drugs and alcohol counselling from the College of Management
and IT. Passionate about his career supporting addicts and families who struggle with the disease of
addiction, he’s currently pursuing a diploma in counselling with advanced majors in abuse
counselling, counselling clients with addictions and family therapy at the Australian Institute of
Professional Counsellors. In his spare time, Kon enjoys going to the gym and participating in rugby
league as he continues with his education.

Angus Tegner
Steve Jenkins

Simon Wallace

Support Staff

Simon brings his experiences working as a support team member in western-style rehabs from
Melbourne, Australia to The Cabin, dedicating himself to helping clients recover and stay clean. He
has an interest in weightlifting and is always looking to assist others through volunteer work.

Leon Kirton

Support Staff

Leon brings worldliness to The Edge team after extensively travelling and working with clients from all around the world. After spending the last 10 years in product management for excursions, he is currently offering a wealth of knowledge to ensure clients are having a safe and enjoyable experience during their weekly excursion activities.

Angus Tegner
Steve Jenkins

Oof Wongwarit Sirisinronawor

Support Staff

Oof is originally from Thailand and graduated from the Pacific Institute of Management
Science with a Bachelor of Business Administration. As a former freelance military
interpreter with an excellent understanding of both Thai and English, he joined The Cabin
Group as a member of The Edge’s support team in 2019.

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