Video Game Addiction Treatment

What makes Gaming Addiction Treatment at The Edge Unique?

Our purpose at The Edge is to break the participant’s dependency on gaming and help him develop a healthy relationship with technology. We have developed a highly-specialised 90-day treatment for video game addicts programme that deals with the root of the addiction using clinically-proven procedures to turn your son’s life around. This has been done in collaboration with the founder of, who has helped thousands of people overcome gaming addiction. Based on the founder’s personal experience with gaming, he has developed the most effective video game addiction treatment methods to help addicts recover successfully.  The Edge’s Gaming Addiction Programme therefore:

  • Uses a gamer-centric approach to treatment for video game addicts
  • Exposes the psychological barriers that keep your son gaming
  • Precisely teaches the three types of activities to avoid boredom
  • Teaches the key mindsets to be successful in a tech-based world
  • Gives practical advice and guidance to overcome common obstacles, beat urges and avoid relapse
  • Offers continual video game addiction treatment care through community support of recovering gamers as well as specially developed resources to assist your son as he integrates back into our tech-based world

Digital Detox: Breaking the Bad Relationship

The first half of the programme will put your son through an effective digital detox in which he will not have access to any type of digital device—no smartphones, no computers.
The 45-day digital detox enables us to focus your son’s undivided attention on treatment, filling his time with designed physical activities, individual and group counselling, mind mapping, meditation and excursions. As your son progresses through the detox, he will learn and experience that life is not as bad as he imagined and no longer needs to escape from it.

Renewed Relationship with Digital Technology

The programme then moves on to establishing a healthy relationship with digital technology. This second half of the programme is where your son will learn to use technology with a purpose. For 45 days, he will be given carefully monitored and incremental access to the internet. All sessions will be mindful and purposeful, with meditation before and after each session. Experiences and issues are journaled and participants will be able to share their experiences with others in group sessions, building new relationships with peers facing similar challenges and finding camaraderie as they move forward toward greater personal growth and sustained behavioural change.

Change the Game and Keep it Changed

Our cutting-edge Gaming Addiction Programme will give your son everything he needs to change his game. The real challenge, however, comes when he leaves The Edge and faces the triggers that come from reintegrating with life at home, school and work. No matter where that is for your son, he will not go through this on his own. Having completed The Edge’s Gaming Addiction Programme, you son will have exclusive help through our Continuing Care programme.

Our Continuing Care programme will give him access to’s private online community of 100s of successfully recovered gamers to support and assist him 24/7. He will also have access to specially developed recovery resources including videos and workbooks; as well as lifetime access to The Cabin’s online weekly group therapy sessions.


Be a Game Changer at The Edge

If your son has a gaming addiction or suffers from compulsive internet use and would like to learn more about how The Edge can help, call us today. Together, we can determine the best way to move forward in helping your son become a game changer.

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