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The Cabin Addiction Services Group is a leading provider of premium treatment services with residential and outpatient centres and affiliated services around the world. Headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Cabin Group is widely recognised as being at the forefront of the treatment of substance abuse and behavioural disorders, by both the international behavioural health community and the media.

The Cabin specialises in treating the wide spectrum of issues that our clients face: some may have deep traumas that need addressing, some are abusing multiple drugs or processes, while others may have co-occurring mental health problems.

The Cabin philosophy is to use all the effective and evidence-based treatment methods available: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 12 Steps and EMDR are all used in our treatment settings according to which model works best for each client.

Our model, which has been independently verified to be more effective than conventional addiction treatment methods, is used across all The Cabin treatment centres, which include:

The Cabin Foundation

The Cabin FoundationIn addition, The Cabin Group is heavily involved in addiction research, attending and presenting at key conferences worldwide. It also actively supports several nonprofit organizations and governments in the Asia-Pacific region in their efforts to combat substance abuse, through training and guidance. To ensure continuity in addressing these issues in Thailand, the Group has established a foundation.

The Cabin Foundation is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to raise awareness about addiction problems in Thailand and to provide education, training and support to those working or studying in the field of addiction treatment. The Foundation also works closely with governmental bodies and local authorities in an effort to create a positive environment for individuals suffering from addiction. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that those who are struggling are treated with compassion and understanding, and have access to the most effective treatment model; especially those who are less fortunate.

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