Why Choose Rehab in Thailand?

The benefits of travelling to Thailand for treatment

center young men thailandGiven the availability of local treatment options, you might be weighing the pros and cons of travelling to Thailand for treatment at The Edge. Bottom line: leaving your day-to-day environment behind and getting treatment in a new place will help you to achieving lasting results in your recovery. Travel has the power to transform you. Leaving behind all that you know gives you the space and opportunity to change. Treatment requires massive change, and confronting your struggle in a new environment makes that shift easier.

Below are a just few of the reasons that going abroad for treatment can dramatically impact your experience, and, ultimately, your odds of success.

  • Healthy distance – When you leave home, you’re miles away from the people, things and situations that keep you addicted. Separating yourself from the triggers and stresses of your day-to-day environment allows you to find a new way of life – giving you the best chance of lasting recovery.
  • Change of scenery – Going somewhere new to change your life generates enthusiasm for what lies ahead for you—and the belief that things really can be different this time around.
  • Breathing room – When you strip away the commitments and routines of your day-to-day life, you’re able to fully focus on the treatment process. This makes you much more likely to succeed.
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  • Privacy – Being in another country for treatment protects your privacy by giving you an extra layer of confidentiality. No one will know you’re here unless you tell them—knowing that will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep your focus where it needs to be: on treatment. If your family is socially prominent or if you have a high public profile, this is especially critical.
  • Non-judgment – Unfortunately, some counties stigmatise addiction. If this is the case for you, it’s in your best interests to go elsewhere for treatment. Your reputation and your pride are safe with us.

“After undergoing the treatment program, our son has a high level of confidence in overcoming his addiction. He has learned much about himself… The location and environment was excellent and conducive for a treatment centre, operating under very high standards. I don’t think there is any in the nearby region that is comparable.”

Peter, parent of a client in recovery

The Edge: Your Best Choice for Residential Rehab

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Environment – Thailand is stunning, which is why it’s such a popular vacation destination. While here, you’ll be surrounded by jungles, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. You’ll feel grounded and present, which will help you to avoid stress: the most common relapse trigger.

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Effective programming – There’s no other programme like ours anywhere in the world. Our revolutionary treatment approach, developed specifically for young men, strengthens motivation and determination through fun, competition, teamwork, adventure and camaraderie. While away from your triggers, you’ll be challenged to become your best self as you form bonds that last a lifetime. You won’t just recover: you’ll thrive.

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Professionalism – We’re the only rehab in Thailand licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health. Our treatment is guaranteed to be safe, and our Western-accredited clinical team will care for you round the clock.

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Savings – You’ll pay around 50 percent of what you’d pay for a programme like ours in a Western country, without compromising quality.

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Comfort – Our luxurious five-star facilities, featuring an infinity pool and private resort accommodation, offer an ideal environment in which to heal.

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Fitness & adventure – While in treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to go rock climbing, biking, horseback riding and white water rafting. How many other programmes offer that?

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