We know what you’re up against, and we’re on your side

Drugs. Alcohol. Excessive gaming. Depression. Anxiety.

We work with young men every day who are grappling with these issues and more. We know that what you are up against is complicated and can feel overwhelming. That’s why at The Edge we take on your struggles from every angle: physically, through intense sport training; mentally, through outdoor challenges and team building; and emotionally, through meditation and counselling led by our professionally accredited, supportive staff.

From our campus in the Thai mountains, we can help you conquer any combination of the following issues:

substance abuse center help

Substance Abuse

We define substance abuse as overindulging or developing a dependency on drugs or alcohol. That’s something we are confident we can help you overcome, so you can become a stronger, freer man.

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Behavioural Disorders center help

Behavioural Disorders

At The Edge, we treat a diverse range of these disorders, which we see as problematic patterns of behaviour. If you have a behavioural disorder, you might find it difficult to form and maintain relationships, and you increasingly engage in destructive practices or actions that then affect other areas of your life. We can help you cope—and grow.

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Mental Health Issues help center

Mental Health Issues

Struggles with mental health primarily affect your mood, your thought patterns, and your ability to thrive. We often see them develop alongside substance abuse or behavioural disorders, in which case we classify these issues as co-occurring disorders. Our programme is designed to calm and clear your mind and sharpen your focus, so that you can take on life’s challenges with renewed vigor.

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Confront Your Struggle With The Edge’s Help

Confronting these conditions takes courage, and we know that fear—of letting go of habits, of being judged, of making a change—is a huge obstacle in asking for help. But we also know that it is taking that risk that will enable you to beat this, and to heal.

You don’t have to recover alone. Push yourself one step further to The Edge: get in touch with us about how—together—we can start the process of building a better life.

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