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From Addiction to Triathlon Athlete

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From Addiction to Cross Fit Athlete

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Client Testimonial

I came to The Edge on July 22, 2016 with the intention of doing twenty-eight days and going home cured from addiction. Six months later, after spending two months at The Edge and three and a half months at Sober House, I’m now living in Chiang Mai and doing voluntary work at The Edge.

The Edge taught me a lot – I learned a lot about cognitive behavioural therapy. Their process changed my whole view on addiction, helping me to surrender and face the fact that I am addict with an incurable disease. I now have a daily programme consisting of physical exercise, step work, meetings, sponsor meetings, and service. Treatment taught me that I need these in my life in order to stay clean. I chose The Edge because of its physical training and have never regretted my decision. I owe my life to The Edge – the counsellors and staff there helped me to turn my life around.

Sam, Australia

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Parent Testimonial

“After undergoing the treatment program, our son has a high level of confidence in overcoming his addiction. He has learned much about himself and how to deal with his addiction effectively, beginning with abstinence and progressing to recovery.

My wife and I also attended the Family Programme, which is part of the treatment package. It was an invaluable experience – intense, informative and insightful. We look forward to a better future together as a family.

The location and environment was excellent and conducive for a treatment centre, operating under very high standards. I don’t think there is any in the nearby region that is comparable.”


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Parent Testimonial

“Three months ago, not only was our son in desperate need of help, but my husband and I were completely lost as we watched helplessly our son’s rapid deterioration due to alcohol and gaming addiction.  We were not even aware that our son was using until you informed us about it.  This shows how good our son is at hiding from us.  We were shocked and saddened by what he had done to himself and the family.

After ninety days of treatment at The Cabin, our son is physically and emotionally strong and has committed to continuing down the clean and sober road of recovery.  We have restored our relationship with our son and have learned a great deal from the family therapy workshop at The Cabin Edge.  This has helped my husband and I learned how to cope with our son’s disorder.  Our son has also learn how to cope with his addiction, has been following the 12-Step program and attends NA and AA meetings.

He has since transitioned from primary care to secondary care, and we know he now definitely has a much greater chance of staying the course of recovery.  We are so glad that our son has now progressed to secondary care as he learns how to cope and manage his freedom.

When our son first started his program at The Cabin Edge, we were not sure if you were able to get through to him as he was a tough nut to crack and has always been very guarded about his private life.  We are very grateful that you managed to finally connect with him and earn his respect and trust, all of which has enabled him to speak freely without fear of being judged.  Our son talks to us frequently, keeps us informed of his progress (which he never did before), and definitely has a more positive outlook about his future.

We are very thankful to all the staff at The Cabin Edge and Sober House for continuing to support our son in his recovery.”

David and Sophia, Singapore

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