Young Men and Addiction

Information for Parents and Loved Ones

Are you worried that your son is abusing alcohol or other substances? Does he seem to have a lack of direction in life, or a failure to launch? It can be utterly challenging to be the parent of a young adult who is struggling. You long for the days when you had the answers for their problems. But addiction leaves you at a loss for what to do to help them.

Addiction affects young men more than any other group. The risk of developing an addiction is exceptionally high during young adulthood – in fact, most addictions are formed during these years.

What begins as curiosity or an attempt to escape negative emotions can rapidly spiral into addiction. The good news is that treatment is available. Moreover, young men are at a prime and pivotal stage at which treatment can be most effective.

The Edge’s specialised programming helps young men make the most of this turning point in their lives.


What is Addiction?

Addiction is classified as a behavioural disorder. A person can develop an addiction to substances, alcohol or even behaviour like internet gaming or gambling.

Young people run a higher risk of addiction because at this time, as the brain’s frontal lobe is still developing which affects decision-making abilities and results in impulsive behaviour.

Addiction is progressive – it gets worse as you get older.  Young people whose addictive behaviour is caught in the early stages have the opportunity to reverse its effects before they reach a critical point.

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Consequences of Addiction

The costs of addiction are high and far-reaching. Substance abuse has countless health costs including cancer, heart disease, liver malfunction and brain damage. Psychologically, addiction can cause many forms of mental illness. Addiction also has hugely negative impacts on a person’s ability to have meaningful relationships, be independent, hold down a job or achieve life goals. In the worst cases, addiction can be lethal.

Treatment for Young Men Struggling with Addiction

Young people tend to respond remarkably well to treatment, and physically, the brain and body are better able to bounce back from an addiction.

The most effective option for young men struggling with substance abuse is through specialised programming at an inpatient treatment centre. Inpatient treatment is preferable for a number of reasons:

  • Distance from triggers and negative influences
  • Clinical staff available to help with detox and withdrawal symptoms 24/7
  • No access to alcohol or other substances
  • Provides a structured environment
  • Complete focus on recovery
  • Opportunity to develop new, healthier relationships

The key is to find a programme that incorporates a multi-level response to addiction as well as aftercare to ensure long-term recovery.

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The Edge: The Best Addiction Treatment for Young Men

If your son is struggling with addiction, The Edge programme provides the most innovative and effective treatment option available. We are a completely unique addiction treatment programme designed especially for young men.

Our own Recovery Zones addiction treatment method has an above average, 96% completion rate. We help struggling young men get to the root cause of their addiction and develop the necessary mindset to overcome it through combing four key elements:

  • One-on-one and group therapy sessions with certified clinical professionals
  • Intensive physical practice in either Muay Thai boxing or triathlon training
  • Wilderness excursions to develop determination, communication and teamwork
  • Building a sense of social responsibility through community service

Our holistic approach combines psychological, physical and social elements to successfully treat addiction and launch young men into a healthier and ambitious life.  Our programme ties together all the key components of a young man’s life and combats addiction by fostering growth in every facet.

Holistic Treatment Method

Holistic Treatment

Our programme especially benefits young men struggling with:

  • Substance abuse
  • Lack of direction, failure to launch
  • Poor academic performance
  • Depression
  • Trouble with law enforcement
  • Unsuccessful at other rehabs

What Makes The Edge Innovative and Effective

The Cabin’s world-renowned Recovery Zones method is an integrative treatment approach that draws on the key elements of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), 12-step facilitation and mindfulness. Through therapy, young men are able to discover new perspectives and create new brain patterns in order to break the cycle of addiction.

Research shows that young men get the most of treatment if they are physically active and highly stimulated. The physical training complements the treatment as an important symbol of meeting and overcoming challenges.

Our stunning location in the mountainous outskirts of Chiang Mai provides the optimal space to be immersed in nature and Thai culture while distancing young men from triggers and negative influences.

Relapse Prevention for Young Men

The Edge incorporates relapse prevention methods necessary for continued recovery. While in treatment, counsellors will develop an individually tailored relapse prevention plan. In addition, The Edge offers extended treatment options in the form of stepped-down programming in a sober living environment. Our unique aftercare allows graduates to attend online group sessions and continued one-on-one psychotherapy sessions.

The young men who graduate from The Edge programme leave with a sense of purpose and direction, as well as the confidence and mindset to achieve their goals. If your son is struggling, the time to get professional help is now.  Contact us today.

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