League of Legends Addiction

Lol Rehab

League of Legends offers a ranking of players that encourage them to improve more and multiply the games to go up in this ranking. Therefore, this quickly leads to an addiction that will have an impact on the mental health of gamers, as well as on their social life.

Indeed, we can feel the frustration of losing the game and the excitement of starting a new one up to victory, and this for hours. This kind of addiction also brings a loss of social life, because we no longer see the time passing and we totally obscure the life around us, including our family or friends.

This addiction can become more important, and for this reason, it is necessary to take the time to heal it. For this, we must first recognize himself as an addict of the game “League of Legends”.

How to quit league of legends addiction?

Recognize your addiction

There are several tips that can help heal an addiction of the video game League of legends. As we have seen, we must first know how to recognize his addiction. This is the most complicated phase because often an addict to video games does not realize how much time they spend playing, especially with the game LOL because, as it is an online video game and we can interact with others players, and in this sense we have the feeling that there is nothing abnormal because the others do it too.

We can recognize an addiction of LOL by counting the number of hours spent per day on this game, and by analyzing our reaction when trying to reduce the playing time. As for all addictions, addicts to video games will feel a lack which will lead them to behave aggressively if they do not play for a while. Knowing how to recognize your addiction makes you realize that you spend too much time in front of your screen, and this feeling can install a part of guilt.

Not being alone

Once we are aware of our addiction, we must also realize that we are not alone. To do this, we can go to forums or blogs where we can find feedback from people who are or have been in the same case. This trick can help open your eyes more, recognize yourself in certain situations, but also find people in our case and feel more surrounded and supported. By being surrounded by them, we can fight together this addiction and being supported on the path of healing.

Get help to heal

Addiction of League of Legends video game is as serious as any other addiction. Thus, it is not ridiculous to feel the need to be helped, whether by our relatives or by a competent professional. Being able to talk freely about your situation and putting words on your addiction are important steps to achieve healing.

The support of relatives can really help a young man to recover from any addiction, because a psychological and mental help are keys to success.

Start reducing your playing time

The idea is not to stop at once, but gradually reduce the time spent on this video game. Thus, having previously calculated the number of hours we spent per day, we can now begin to reduce gradually and compare. This allows us to see our evolution and have a feeling of pride that will eventually help us to continue the cure, until feeling completely healed.

To succeed this step, it is important to find other hobbies as go to swimming pool with friends or in a parc to play in the real life. By doing other activities, our brain are going to concentrate itself on others things and not thinking about this game for a moment.

How the cabin can help you?

In our center The Edge, we can help you to stop your addiction to League of Legends thanks to professionals that are going to help you day after day. Moreover, you are surrounded by young men in the same situation which help to have a feeling of safety and understanding.

In the heart of Thailand, in a peaceful center, the professionals of The Edge can help you to find a good way of life and regain self-confidence.

To achieve this, these professionals are going to find what leads to this addiction, by trying to understand your case personally. With therapy based around the person and not the problem, we can find more easily the real problem and try to cure it more rapidly.

If you want more information about our gaming addiction treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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