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World of Warcraft or “WOW” is a real phenomenon for many years, for young people who spend hours to make evolve their character and playing online with other players.

With the ranking system available in the game, World of Warcraft can be very rapidly addictive by wanting to improve every day our ranking et winning points to buy new objects for our character.


how to stop world of warcraft addiction?

An addiction to video games is as serious as other addictions, with the same symptoms as the nervousness, mental health problems or the feeling of lack when we have not played for a while. This addiction can lead to deeper problem and can sometimes be very dangerous.

Recognizing our addiction is the first and most important step toward healing. Indeed, when we are addicted to anything, we are not feeling it because we can’t see what it is abnormal in our comportment. This comportment does not seem abusive and the acceptance of this addiction make us see how many hours we are spending in front of our screen. This allows us to have an electroshock and find the motivation to seek treatment.

It is also very important to be surrounded by our relatives, because a moral support permit to the addicted person to find the path of healing faster and to have the feeling of being supported. We can also ask the services of a professional, as a psychologist if we have the feeling that we need it. It is important to listen to his advices and have a feedback of a qualified person.

This healing is also done by the gradual cessation of playing time. This step must be done gradually, by reducing the playing time each day, until you no longer feel the need to play and the sensation that you are missing something by not playing. Of course, you have to compensate this time won by other activities with which you know you are not going to think about World of Warcraft.

The most important point is to know that you are not the only one in this situation! The addiction to video games is more and more frequent within this ultra-connected generations and a lot of young men can suffer from video game addiction as World of Warcraft or all the other games. In this sense, it is necessary to get in touch with another person, who are on the exact same situation or on the contrary, are now cured.

This permit to everyone to feel less alone but also to speak with other people who are going to understand us and can help us to change this. It is quite easy to find testimonies of gamers addict on internet whether it is blog or forum.


Dangers of world of warcraft addiction

Forget the world around us

 The first danger is linked to the personal life. Indeed, a person addicted to video games will spend so many times to play that he will tend to lock himself in his own bubble and totally obscure the outside world whose family and friends. With the sensation of having a social life with the other gamers, we have the impression that is enough and that we don’t need to make more efforts. The reproaches of our relatives can be incomprehensible for us and leads to a sensation of unfairness that can totally break our relationship with them.

 The mix between real life and virtual life

 Linked to the previous point, the forgetfulness of the world around us can, sometimes, bring confusion in the brain of the player. Indeed, he will not make differences between real life and virtual life and can therefore have nervous or violent behavior. The brain is going to reproduce what he knows, what he sees in World of Warcraft and according to the age of the person addicted, it can be very dangerous.

 Mental and physical health

The addiction to video games have also a big impact on mental health, because to spend many hours in front of our gaming screen can leads to violent and aggressive comportment and reactions. However, the physical health can also be impacted because a player, by spending many times being sitting without any physical activities. This lack of activities could have more important consequences on the body in the future.

Wow rehab center

It is therefore necessary in some cases to take more control of things and to use more stringent means by going to an addiction treatment center.

How the cabin can help you?

The Edge is a treatment center against addictions located in the heart of Thailand. Thereby, within a peaceful and a healthy environment, patients can take advantage of the treatments of The Edge. Professionals are available to help patients to cure all the addictions and all of them can help each other because they are living the exact same things.

For the treatment center for young men The Edge, this is very important to offer individuals and personalized treatments in order to treat the problem in its entirety, but also the reasons that led to this addiction.


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